Against All Hope Until...Application Study Guide
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          Humanity shares many common areas of brokenness to a greater or lesser degree. These include guilt, shame, fear, uncontrolled anger, unforgiveness, feeling unloved and unlovable, abandonment, inferiority, isolating, easily hurt/offended, lack of transparency, lacking purpose and direction, feeling out of control, depression, some type of addiction, pride, legalism, indifference toward God, and being bound to the past. To make it worse, most people, including Christians, don’t know how to get healed from these.

As a companion to “Against All Hope Until”, this application study guide addresses all these subjects and more, but much more thoroughly than in the book. It will help you to dig in and discover God’s answer for these issues, first hand, to develop an inner dialog with yourself and with God, and begin experiencing healing, freedom and transformation in your own heart and life.


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Against All Hope Until...Application Study Guide

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